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In today ‘s digital market place, more and more retailers are moving towards multi-channel approach as their customers are demanding that they be serviced online as well as in-store. This has reached the point where it has now become an imperative to survival that retailers extend their businesses operations online. But managing them independently can be very demanding, both in time and money, and most retailers avoid selling online for the very reason. Not only that, considering the increasing trend of mobile users and social media shopping, retailers tomorrow will have to extend to these platforms as well. Now imagine managing all these platforms disconnected from each other

We realize this and have addressed the challenge of driving multichannel growth for retailers with our ecommerce for Dynamics POS solutions and our connect products (for Dynamics RMS, Social Media Integration, eBay/ Amazon Connect, etc.). Our products seamlessly tie your ecommerce store with Microsoft Dynamics POS, eliminating the need for manual intervention making it easy for your cashiers to pick and pack the orders promptly in store. This integrated approach streamlines retail operation and allows for real-time decision-making. Going multi-channel means adding eCommerce to your in-store system and it’s a critical success factor to do this in an integrated way

i95Dev Products Offerings


Instant eCommerce for Dynamics RMS

Instant eCommerce for Dynamics RMS

An integrated eCommerce solution built on Magento commerce for Microsoft dynamics RMS. It includes everything you need to put your retail business online, helping you to reach a wider audience, sell more effectively to existing customers and keep your stock up-to-date with minimal effort.

  • Quality Customer Experience
  • Socialize the Experience
  • Streamlined Checkout Process
  • Sell at Third-party marketplaces
  • SEO Optimization
  • Real time Inventory
  • Configure your Products
  • Webstore Management

RMS Connect

rms connect

RMS Connect is an integrated and customizable solution that enables web stores of any size to implement a comprehensive end-to-end data synchronization between Magento Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics RMS.

  • Customer Data Sync
  • Order Information Sync
  • Product Information Sync
  • Real time Inventory Update
  • Tier Pricing
  • Credit Limit
  • Security
  • Track your Shipment

Others Integrations Include

We have extended the potential of Magento with our extensive experience in delivering and supporting complex integrations with various systems including ERPs, CRM, POS, Accounting, Mobile, Social and working with other 3rd party service providers to build products that add value.


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